Strawberry Hard Cider

Name that Strawberry Hard Cider Contest

background: Elfs Farm came up with a new batch of hard cider so we could have something relevant for Rulfs Orchards,June, 2013 Strawberry Festival. It seemed to make sense to include strawberries in the cider since we were going to a strawberry festival ( probably why we haven’t gone to an onion festival). There were not a lot of strawberries around this year since it was so wet, so we used what we could get and “infused” the apple cider with the strawberries. It made the lightly strawberry cider that, well we have been calling “Strawberry Infused Hard Cider” in a real original way.

At the Clinton County Fair, a couple of weeks after the Rulfs Strawberry festival we served our Two Heros hard barrel cider and the “Strawberry Infused Hard Cider”. The Strawberry cider, which had more time to sit and condition was enjoyed by several hundred fair goers.

One lady with strawberry colored hair suggested we name our cider “Strawberry Fields”. That is is what started this contest. It is our belief that the Beetles may have issues if we used that name. So we are asking for help in naming Elfs Farm newest cider.

A few cider house rules on the contest:

Starts – July 23,2013 at midnight

Ends- August 15, 2013 at midnight

1. You must be 21.

2. We must love the name.

3. Entry is via Elfs Farm Facebook or email to Reference “Name that Strawberry Hard Cider”. Date and Time of entry will be used to if there are more than two entries with the same name. The earlier entered name will be used.

4. The entry deadline is August 15th, 2013 at midnight.

5. Void where prohibited by law.

6. No purchase necessary.

7. By submitting your entry you are relinquishing all rights, use or ownership to the name. Your release of the name is unconditional to Elfs Farm, it assignees or successors.

8. The winner of Name the Strawberry Contest will be awarded two tickets to the Adirondack Coast Wine, Cider & Food Festival for October 12, 2013 and a voucher for a one night room package at the Plattsburgh Days Inn & Suites, subject to the vouchers conditions.

9. Elfs Farm choice in choosing the name will be final.

Goodluck to all who enter the contest. Should you want to taste the Strawberry Hard Cider to help your creative juices a free sample may be obtained at Elfs Farm Winebar and Ciderhouse at 7411 St Rt 9, Plattsburgh, NY.

To assist you in namechoices the following information, facts and fiction are put forth for all the may be worth:

1. the cider has an alcohol content of 5%. It is considered to be “hard cider”

2. The cider is made at Elfs Farm from fresh local N.Y. Champlain Valley / Adirondack Coast apples. The cider is made on premises in Plattsburgh.

3. The Elfs may or may not have helped in this hard cider. It depends on the day it was made, as they are very temperamental.

4. The total list of ingredients according to the cider maker are: fresh apple cider from local apples ( 100% MacIntosh in this cider), yeast, strawberries, sugar, natural flavoring, potassium Sorbate for stability.

5. The cider will probably be seasonal based on availability of fresh local strawberries.

6. The cider is mostly amber in color with a slight pink or red tinge. It has a nice apple nose and only a slight hint of strawberry. There is a light strawberry flavor, against the apple.

7. It is really refreshing, over ice on a hot summer day.